Saturday, May 15, 2010

Manuscript III. Overcoming the World: The New Evangelization as a Love Revolution

In the third work - Overcoming the World - my aim is to lay out a programme for the implementation of “the New Evangelization”. Beginning with a theology of love as found in the story of creation, and its antithesis as found in the account of the fall, this ongoing battle is traced throughout the Bible story as well as Church history, culminating in the “culture of death” we find ourselves in today. The antidote - a revolution of love as laid out by the last two Popes - is explained, and with this as a foundation, methods for evangelizing the modern world are explored and examples given, the impediments towards it mentioned, and solutions suggested, especially the need for Church reform, so as to form a generation of loving Saints that will fulfill the call to holiness and thus be in a position to evangelize the world.

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