Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Apologetics (APS)

After my “re-version”, I was craving fellowship, and I ended up joining IVCF – an Evangelical Protestant organization. At the time I was rather ignorant of the differences between Catholic and Protestant, so when I began hearing things that were strange to my Catholic ears, such as “the unsaved” or “accept Christ as Lord and Savior” or “sovereign God”, I went to the Newman Center, where the campus minister (and later my good friend) Louise educated me on a few things and also directed me to the Center library.

The first book I read was Catholic and Christian by Alan Schreck and Catholicism and Fundamentalism by Karl Keating. This is when my passion for writing was applied to apologetics. There began four failed attempts at writing an apologetics work, until I finally succeeded in (a) writing something original and sufficiently non-plagiarized, (b) actually completing the work, and (c) finding satisfaction in that completed work. The previous attempts lacked one or more of these.

My reading later “expanded” past apologetics as did my interests. However, it played a huge role in my catechesis, and I still find it useful in many ways and in many situations.

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