Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Poetry (PTY)

The first poem I ever wrote was as a 2nd grader, and to date it has been the only one I ever had published in print (the local newspaper)!

When it comes to writing poetry, I am a hot and cold, on again and off again. It is usually during my most trying and painful times that I have written poetry. I have had two great “spurts”: the years 1994-97 (high school and just after) and 2004-05 (after pulling out of seminary). To date, I have written about 56 poems.

Although I have used different styles, I have most frequently made use of the “St. Onge sonnet” – three stanzas of four lines each, the first and third lines each with eight syllables and rhyming with each other, the second and fourth lines each with six syllables and rhyming with each other, and the fourth stanza being two lines of ten syllables each and of course rhyming as well. Even when using a different style, it usually remains somewhat similar to this.

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