Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reflections (REF): Personal and General

Two of the things that stand out about me when people get to know me is (a) the love I have for “my baby” (huge, eight-cylinder, gas-guzzling, beige-coloured, dinted and rusted in spots, ’83 Buick Lesabre) and (b) my “palm pilot”, aka disposable notepad.

I go through a new one (notepad, not car) about once a month. In my notepad, I write and keep many things, the first of which is a list of things I have to do and people I have to see or contact. I also keep an “active list” of phone numbers and addresses in the back of my notepad (those I will need for quick reference for a particular reason or from time to time in the short term), prayer intentions, and other bits of useful info. If I think of something I have to do, or a new Facebook status update, I whip out my pad and write it down.

The other thing I use it for is to jot down the occasional “deep thought” or “reflection” or “insight” I have or receive when praying or just living life. Over time, I have built up quite a few of these “Reflections”, and have categorized them (ie. “Mass / Communion”, “Pride / Humility”, etc.). From there, they get transferred to separate Word documents (according to category) on the computer and then torn out and discarded. I must say that this is the most tedious part – second only to organizing them all in a coherent and structured fashion! Although I frequently do the former (and the longer I leave it the more tedious it is), I very seldomly do the latter, and this makes it difficult when I am scrolling through looking for various reflections that I might need at a particular time or to deal with a particular situation. Eventually, I will turn this into a manuscript, so the more I do now the less I will have to do then. But although the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak.

I also write numerous emails and, get this, “letters” to various friends and others, and some of them are rather lengthy. This is because all of my correspondences double as journal entries. I currently have four binders full of “journal entries”, and I will soon be starting my fifth.

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