Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Scripture (SCR): Reflections, Insights, and Exegeses

I always did have a love for the Bible. As my mother reminds me, when I was young I used to sit on the floor and read our big Catholic Family Bible. My grandmother would see this and remark, “Oh, I think Wade is going to be a priest someday!” [And she was almost right]. But in reality, I think more than anything I liked the prints of famous paintings of biblical scenes and persons and often looked at the artwork rather than read the text.

In later elementary school, I turned into even more of a nerd and recorded in my notebook all the laws of the Pentateuch and codified them. These were the days when I had my parents drop me off at the public library every Saturday so I could spend my day reading books off the shelves. Funny enough, I never did get beat up in school - probably because I was enough of a jock to earn the respect of the would-be bullies.

After my “re-version”, I for some reason took the position that the Bible was for the most part a waste of a Christian reader’s time, since there were so many other great Catholic books from the Saints and other Doctors and modern authors to read! The Gospels were still good reading, but not essential because we had the Catechism, which took everything that was important and put it into a systematic order.

By the time I got to seminary, I realized the Bible was more valuable than that. But I still only used it for proof-texting. It was only after I began taking Masters courses in Scripture that I realized the Bible was truly “the Word of God” – cover to cover – and that it was the Spirit speaking to me when I read. Now, I am one of the few Catholics who actually brings his Bible to Mass!

My “principles” of interpretation and Scripture reading will be posted at a later date. I will also be posting various Scriptural exegeses and Biblical insights from my time in reading and praying Scripture and through my time in lectio divina.

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