Saturday, July 31, 2010

TOB: Men go to Hell, Women go to Heaven

I was reflecting on the tendency men have towards workaholism recently and the many examples of it I have known about, and it made me think about this statement from St. Therese, the Little Flower:

“Ah! Poor women, how they are misunderstood! And yet they love God in much larger numbers than men do and during the Passion of Our Lord, women had more courage than the apostles since they braved the insults of the soldiers and dared to dry the adorable Face of Jesus. It is undoubtedly because of this that He allows misunderstanding to be their lot on earth, since He chose it for Himself. In heaven, He will show that His thoughts are not men’s thoughts, for then the last will be first”.

This is the way it goes: Men go out and do a lot of stuff, accomplish things, and get notoriety and satisfaction from it, which strokes their egos and gives them a swelled head. In the process, they neglect their domestic duties and their most important relationships, because after all, they do not get as much of an “ego boost” from reading bedtime stories and changing diapers as these things are more hidden and humble and men do not regard such “trivial” and “little” things as being “a “big deal” and really don’t enjoy doing it anyway. As a result of their pride and misplaced priorities, they end up on the road to hell.

Women, on the other hand, hold the whole family together, hidden in humility and service, tending the children and many other important domestic and familial matters while their husbands are out being “busy” with more “important” matters. The women suffer and bear their crosses patiently, and as a result, they end up in heaven.

Catholic women – especially single Catholic women – often bemoan the ratios of women to men at Catholic events, which usually ranges between 2:1 and 3:1, if not higher. Well, ladies, you’d better get used to it, because that is the kind of ratios you will be looking at when you get to heaven. And men, you won’t have to worry about women ruling the roost in hell – you will have the majority vote, as well as the highest places there :o

In a future article, I will speak about four reasons why I would believe women are greater than men if faith did not tell me they were equal. No, I am not trying to score brownie points with women – I really do believe these things. And hey, St. Therese, Church Doctor, said it before me – so you can’t accuse me of spreading pernicious novelties.

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