Monday, August 30, 2010


Sorry to my many readers (sarcasm - I only have 1 follower right now: thanks Rick), but I have been battling a touch of the flu, busy settling into my new life after my recent move, and have been putting all my writing efforts into a piece on the "Theology of the Body Controversy" surrounding Christopher West to kick off my next block of 7 posts.

I am going to weigh-in on this one myself - I think those on both sides (supporters and critics) have missed the key to solving this problem (which I believe has a solution). It is a sort of "middle position" - which I took not because I am trying to play a conciliatory role but because I believe it is true.

I will be sending a copy to
Dawn Eden, to Fr. Angelo, and to others who have been speaking about this issue on the Catholic blogosphere. Hopefully I will get a little more exposure and a few important "plugs" so this blog can attract a larger following.

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