Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kansas City Churches

When I was a seminarian in St. Louis, I became very good friends with a classmate, (now Fr.) Matthew Cushing (or "Cush", as we called him to distinguish him from a second "Matthew" in our class), who was then studying for the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas (but became a priest for the Diocese of Covington, Kentucky).

Since I lived so far away from my home in Canada, (Fr.) Matt invited me to come home with him on various breaks. His parents were (and are) great people and very hospitable. They raised eight children - including one priest and one religious sister.

During our 2003 Easter break, I decided to take in the Triduum according to "the old rite", the Missal of 1962. Fr.) Matt was friends with Fr. Philip Wolfe, FSSP, who was then the pastor of "St. Phillippine Duchesne Latin Mass Community". They met each other through their pro-life work, most specifically, in praying the rosary outside the abortion clinic on Saturday mornings.

The Masses/Services were held at "Blessed Sacrament Church".

I absolutely loved the community. It was made up of mostly young families and young adults. I absolutely loved the choir - most of them were young women and they sounded like angels.

Some time after leaving seminary, I applied to teach at "St. Padre Pio Academy", a new private school set up by many of the parishioners. I dreamed of moving down to Kansas City, teaching at the school, and joining the choir (they were certainly in need of more male voices!) I went down to KC, stayed with (Fr.) Matt and his parents, went for a tour and for the interview, and attended Mass at Blessed Sacrament on Sunday. When the choir sung "Credo IV", I knew this is where I wanted to move.

However, God had other plans, and the position went to a young lady from KC. I have not been back since, and at times I still have the desire to move down there.

During one of my visits, (Fr.) Matt and I went to an ordination at St. Peter Cathedral. It was a beautiful church (unfortunately, it is a little too small to be a cathedral). What I loved most was the seven stained-glass windows in the sanctuary which depicted different sacramental types from the Old Testament. There was the Sacrifice of Abel, Noah and the Flood, the Sacrifice of Melchisedek, the Sacrifice of Abraham (Isaac), the Parting of the Red Sea, and a couple others I cannot remember.

On weekdays, We went to "Our Lady of Good Counsel" for noon Mass. Msgr. Blacet was a very holy and humble priest who offered Mass devoutly (his daily Masses were about an hour long) and heard confessions for 45 minutes prior to every Mass. It was a very well-attended Mass, and many young people came. Coincidentally, it was also the church that (Fr.) Matt's parents were married in 50 years earlier.

Picture #1 from "Kansas City Dale" Flicker Account
Picture #2 from "St. Philippine Duchesne Community" Website
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