Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Longsuffering Writer Returns to Blogging

I am pleased to announce that "The Longsuffering Writer" is making his return to blogging!

Three things led to my hiatus beginning in December:

1. I was frustrated that my original purpose for starting the blog was not being met.

2. I needed to revise two of my manuscripts and continue work on the third, which necessitated I step back from blogging.

3. Life got a little bit "interesting", I guess you could say, and I had to deal with some people and issues.

However, these no longer apply.

1. Looking back on it now, I think the blog was a lot more successful than I originally thought, because although it may not have helped me much in fulfilling that original purpose, there are other benefits that have come from it that I did not see at the time and other benefits that I could see it potentially having.

2. "An Acceptable Sacrifice" has been revised and the revision of "The New and The Old" is well on its way. I also discovered that doing a little writing on the side unrelated to my manuscripts (including personal correspondences and other letters) can help me "snap out" of those frequent dry spells and writer's blocks.

3. Life is back to normal, which for me, still isn't all that normal. (lol) I mean that in a good way.

So "whither the blog", you may ask?

x. Although I have no interest in reviving the Theology of the Body debate, I do want to take care of unfinished business. I had planned before my "blogging sabbatical" to write a couple summary pieces on Christopher West's theology and approach, which I will do. I also told Sr. Lorraine almost a year ago that I would share some more of my thoughts on the Easter Candle with her, and I hate assuring someone I will do something and then not do it. There were three parts to it, and I stalled out after the second part, so I want to finish that up.

x. I have written some letters and reflections in the last nine months that I would like to post excerpts of.

x. There are a number of pertinent issues I think need to be tackled.

x. More than anything, I will be visiting other blogs and doing a substantial amount of commenting and engaging because that will help my blog and help me achieve my goals.


  1. Good to see you back, Wade!

  2. jen of ::Meditatio::August 28, 2011 at 7:03 PM

    please use your own blog as a bully pulpit and stay off of mine.

  3. Thanks, Saundra and dcs!

    Jen - I went to your blog on the suggestion of Priest's Wife. I think both your banning me from your blog and this rude comment was over the top.